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Thank You Cards

Our Thank You Cards are the perfect way to acknowledge the kindness of another.  


  • Individually laser printed on quality white card stock, matte finish.

  • Packaged ten cards in an attractive gift box suitable for gift giving.

  • Envelopes Included.

  • Cards measure 4.25 by 5.5 inches.

  • Choice of three photo-artistic designs shown below, all featuring our original photographs.

  • Each box features same photograph throughout.

  • Blank inside, perfect for composing a personalized message.

  • Value priced at $13.95 per box of (plus shipping and handling).


To purchase your choice of Thank You Cards, you may use our Online Ordering Option, PayPal, below.


If you prefer, you may call

(320) 243-1003

to order directly from us.


Online Ordering Option

To complete your purchase using our Online Ordering Option, click on the appropriate "add to cart" button below.

Snow Cardinal

Box of ten Thank You Cards featuring a photograph of a colorful cardinal searching for a meal on a snowy day.

No product

Monarch and Swallowtail

Box of ten Thank You Cards features a photograph of a Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies sipping nectar from colorful flowers.

No product

Ole Hay Rake

Box of ten Thank You Cards featuring a photograph of an antique farm implement.

Price: $13.95

No product

Watchin' The Fog Lift

Box of ten Thank You Cards featuring photograph of a mare watching for a fog bank to lift.

No product

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